Aloe Blacc’s Good Things – Review

Good Things; it’s the Californian vocalist Aloe Blacc’s second album. After years of doing indie-rap jack of all genres he has approached the classic soul path for this album. It reached 8th in the UK album chart and got a No.1 single out of it – ‘I Need a Dollar’. This album has been decorated in the old school sounds like Marvin Gaye and the feel-good emancipation of Donny Hathaway. Most of the tracks included references to street-level reportage of booze-alleviated neglect and corrupt politicians. ‘Miss Fortune’ shows a slick reggae groove and so do ‘Take Me Back’ and Life’s So Hard’. Aloe has a motive to tug at one’s heartstrings with ‘Momma Hold My Hand’ this is heavily lyric as well as ‘You Make Me Smile’ and ‘Politicians’ these songs are sung warmly and the lyrics come across as slogans to us humans. In this album Aloe does a cover of Velvets Underground’s ‘Femme Fatale’ and turned it into a neo-soul version. He sings this cover like he’s been in this situation before, but even though we may never know the validity of that point, it shows Blacc’s versatility.

Overall, an outstanding album that everybody – including the die-hard soul music haters – should go out and buy.

By Lucee Clarke

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