Maverick Sabre’s Lonely Are The Brave – Review

Michael Stafford, more commonly known as Maverick Sabre has released his debut album “Lonely Are the Brave.” The Irish vocalist and rapper is said to be the “male Amy Winehouse” with his gritty, soulful voice. This album has a varied genre layout with his jazz-like hip hop, urban street lyrics with his overpowering soulful touch. “Let Me Go” and “I Need” have been successful by getting in the UK top 20. “No One” has that mix of genres but, unfortunately doesn’t express those dominant lyrics like the others do. In the track ‘Shooting the Stars,’ Maverick sings from experience with his strong, opinionated lyrics deliberating the Police Force’s abusive powers for stop and search arrests.

By Maverick Sabre showing his hip hop and soul interests combined, you can expect to hear a lot of him this year.