Mutineers’ Friends, Lovers, Rivals – Review

Say hello to Nicholas James Mallins (vocals/guitar,) Michael Reed (guitar,) Iwan Gronow (bass,) Charles Salt (bass) and Jack Mitchell (drums) that make up the Mutineers. Their album, “Friends, Lovers, Rivals” has been out since 2010 and now they are becoming the next big thing – hopefully. Mutineers are fine guys and great musicians this album deserves to be recognised. This up-coming band has supported quality musicians like Pete Doherty, The View and Wintersleep. “Friend, Lovers, Rivals” has engaging poetic lyrics, catchy guitar sounds and the remarkable voice of Nicholas James Mallins. It’s a band worth checking out.
“Friends, Lovers, Rivals” shows the main stages of a relationship especially in the tracks “Shadow Kisses” and “My Landlords Daughter.” They are men whose hearts have been broken. Their thoughts from the lyrics retain an honest, passionate and sadness that’s both distinctive and rich. “My Words Desert You” the voice of Nicholas reminds me of Smiths the charm here most definitely carries the flaw. “Infidelity” has its harmonious guitars grooving over magnificent synchs’. “Hyde Road” with its engaging catchy lyrics fascinates their fans as they sing ‘Hyde road kids are contagious’. It’s a great song to end the album.

Mutineers really do stand out as unique. I couldn’t pick my favourite song as all 12 tracks are incredible. Watch out for this Manchurian band.

By Lucee Clarke

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