Paolo Nutini’s Sunny Side Up – Review

“Sunny Side Up” is the second studio album by Italian-born Scottish musician, Paolo Nutini. For me, it is far better than his first album – “These Streets” – as it includes tracks that you can relate to and sympathise and empathise with.

The title track on the album is “10/10,” which would suggest that Nutini tries his best to be perfect for everyone. It brings across the dulcet tones of his powerful Scottish accent along with lyrics that are easy to remember.

“Coming Up Easy” – the second track on the album – for me, is by far the best. It talks about dismal days in the rain, death and bodies rising up from “cold, cold ground.” It may seem depressing now, but once you’ve listened to it, you’ll most definitely not find it boring or depressing.

As the album progresses, the tracks get more and more depressing – until you get to track seven. “Pencil Full of Lead is a feel-good track that I can guarantee will put anybody into a good mood. Then, following “Pencil Full of Lead,” you’ll hear a track called “No Other Way,” which, for me, has a double meaning. It talks about Nutini going on tour, but it also has a secret meaning. That secret meaning, for me, is heartache and pain.

The last four tracks of this critically acclaimed outstanding album all seem to want to make you feel “included,” or “involved.” They all have a very slow pace to them, which suggests they were written in times of hardship, pain and darkness.

Overall, I’d give this album nine out of ten and would definitely recommend it, but your own judgement is always better.


By Elliot Foster

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