Band of Skulls Sweet Sour – Review

Band of Skulls had released their new album; it has 10 tracks which essentially carry the flag of guitar, bass, and drum trios where other acts have grown fatigued and clichéd. ‘Sweet Sour’ starts the album off with their souring vocals and they most certainly punctuate the metal-esque trills and doomsday drums and bass. The three minute highlight has be to be ‘Devil Takes Care of His Own’, you can just imagine the wild crowd of fans head banging to the awesome sound from ambling guitar, bass, drums and the howling vocals. The trio’s lyrical content focuses on being an outcast, love and necessary rocker’s cause: freedom. These themes are at times similar, but the immense work and vibrant song formats will entice more than a few ears.

By Lucee Clarke

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