One Cure for Man’s Alone in Berlin – Review

A band to look out for in 2012; it consists of a group of lads from Leicester, Jay Tennant, James Parkinson, James Brookes Buckly and Greg Masara.

Their debut EP ‘Alone In Berlin’ is kind of a mix between The Cure and The Smiths.

One Cure for Man has put loads of thought into making this EP with its distinctive lyrics and likable melodies.

It starts extraordinary; an announcement in German from a Berlin central station – this is a decent way to starts a decent EP.

The first track on the EP is called ‘Alone in Berlin’ it repeats “When are you gonna come back…when are you coming down”. Music followers sometimes find repetition annoying but these lads certainly pull it off with the mixture of guitar sounds and sensational vocals!
The second track is ‘But without Light’ this is more upbeat to the first track as it has that contemporary rock intro and we hear more of the unique sound of Jay Tennant.
‘Revolution Sing’ is personally my favourite. It reminds of Led Zeppelin with the talented guitarists solo. It has a toe-tapping intro and even though it the shortest song on the EP it has that catchy tune behind the vocals. Again we hear the repetition at the end with “Can’t believe it”.
The last track is ‘Like the Sea’. This track shows off Jay Tennant soft vocals that are beautiful. The melody is contagious and ends the EP first class.

Get this EP;

By Lucee Clarke

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