Michael Kiwanuka Home Again- Review

Eyebrows were raised by British press and radio when Michael Kiwanuka topped last year’s BBC sound of Poll. The faux vintage singer/songwriter and guitarist from London is in the 60’s, 70’s style when composing this album.

He begins with a gorgeous outbreak of flutes in ‘Tell me a Tale’. It has a Van Morrison, jazz like feel to it. This jazz style doesn’t continue throughout the album. He experiments with a mix of genres.
‘I’m Getting Ready’ gives the album a softer tone more passionate jazzy folk sensation. Michael’s beautiful voice gets doubled with a shuffling drum beat slighty like Bon Iver – obscure and captivating.
Track 3, ‘Bones’ has a churchy expression of love with a doo-wop romance feel. This has a subtle grained texture to all of Michael’s songs.
Kiwanuka’s warm voice is undeniably beguiling in his raw acoustics. ‘Always Waiting’ and ‘I Won’t Lie’ they give him a chance to get centre stage.

This is superior start for Michael. As James Corden said – he will be big at the 2013 BRIT awards.

By Lucee Clarke

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