Pete Roe The Merry-Go-Round – Review

Do you like Mumford & Sons? Do you like Laura Marling? If so this bristolian hidden treasure is one to check out. It’s just one man and one guitar playing heartfelt folk tracks, shedding a tear from the listener’s eye.

This simply gorgeous EP commences with the moving melody of ‘Belina’. As he says ‘it’s a fine time’ well this is a fine track where you can soak up the rhythmic riffs and lyrical excitement with the quintessential English accent.
Track two is ‘Oh Susannah’ this pulls at your heartstrings as he sings it in the sweetest way. It’s one too certainly show your emotion. This track reveals the remarkable, unique guitar skill Pete has.
‘Underneath the Apple Tree’ has that Mumford feel to it with its catchy chorus. It the bluesiest track and with his delicate voice and mix of guitar skill he pulls it off – undeniably my favourite.
He concludes his stunning EP with ‘The Merry-Go-Round’ the simplest song where his vocals turn into a whisper yet still beautiful. This is his childhood that hides a serious feeling of aspiration. It has a repetition of daily life and being alone with his loved one.

The whole EP is picturesque – his exquisite voice and talented guitar skills really pull off his powerful, creative lyrics.
If you ever get a chance to see Pete Roe live, go. You can also see him supporting Mumford & Sons and Laura Marling. He also plays in Laura’s band.

By Lucee Clarke

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