Laura Marling A Creature I Don’t Know – Review

At just the age of 22 and got 3 albums out Marling as this album says is still ‘a creature we don’t know’. This album picks up from where she left us with ‘I Speak Because I Can’.

It dawns with ‘Muse’ a memorable guitar melody and a fine intro with a brief perky banjo solo. It includes her 5 piece band. From this powerful track it swiftly leads onto ‘I Was Just a Card’ it starts with a restful tone then brings the tempo up with the help from the band.
In this beautiful album you find lyrical confusion in ‘Salinas’. It’s a combination between acoustic and electric guitars. Personally my favourite with an evocative tempo change. The monstrous six minute track ‘Beast’. Has the fierce sound of electric guitar and Laura’s powerful vocals. In contrast to this heavy track we go on to the folksier tune with Marling showing the beauty of her voice softly with the echo of the guitar line. Laura ends this album with a skirt swishing ‘All My Rage’. It is lyrically dark and increasing gets brighter.

Laura is known to be mature – she’s one who doesn’t muck around with her desires and losses. This is shown throughout this marvellous album. Her knowledgeable lyrics and idiosyncratic guitar tunes show a powerful sense of further motion from a woman wrestling free from relationships and religious acquaintances. If you have a chance to see her live, go.

By Lucee Clarke

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