Vintage Trouble The Bomb Shelter Sessions – Review

Soulful, 1960’s like band and sharply suited ‘Vintage Trouble’ got their recognition from the incendiary appearance on Later…With Jools Holland.

This carefully played rock’n’roll album starts with ‘Blues Hand me down’. With its tribal drum beat, ingenious guitar solos and howling vocals this gives the album a rumbling RnB rock kind of groove. ‘Nancy Lee’ gives this album a rumba rock, love note feel with basic blue shuffles.
‘You Better Believe It’ opens with a rock guitar riff and the beautiful sound of a harmonica. It has a catchy sing-a-long chorus. The slowest track is ‘Jezzebella’. It has a sinuous, funk; rock laid back style to it. This album concludes with ‘Run Outta you’, it’s the perfect song to end with. The stop- start melody makes it personally my favourite.

There is no evidence of lyrical explosions but it certainly suits the music they create and the captivating voice of Ty Taylor.
There are some bands that pop up from out the blue and catch you eye. Vintage Troubles awesome catchy tunes certainly caught my eye.

By Lucee Clarke

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