3’s A Riot Tonight The Sun Comes Up – Review

A big crowd pleaser 3’s A Riot have released their debut album ‘Tonight the Sun Comes Up’. This indie/rock/alternative band will certainly get your toes tapping or head banging.

This quartet has a well structured album as it starts with an instrumental, you will find one in the middle and it finishes with one.
It starts off with ‘Oplo’ with its streaking, electric guitar rather like Black Sabbath. ‘Bottom String King’ and ‘True Illusion’ are both played incredibly by all four members.
The track written by Toby Simcock ‘The Unknown’ gives the album a metal genre feel to it. It has the stunning vocals of Joe Tomasso and in the chorus an echo from the band which sounds astonishing. ‘Last Man Standing’ which is also written by guitarist Toby is amazing as it has the brilliant vocals with layers of electric guitar, bass and drums.
‘The Wanted Man’ has the longest intro and reminds me of Oasis’s old music. The melody to this is memorable and gives the album that indie/rock feel.
‘Tonight the Sun comes up’ shows that excellent guitar skill the band has. This is continued throughout the album. ‘Not Going Home Tonight’ is personally one of my favourites as it has that likeable tune and lyrics.
‘The Hypnotist’ is the track that shows off Joe’s powerful vocals. The band plays a minute instrumental at the end and finishes of the track perfectly.
The most rock’n’roll track of the album ‘I Don’t Like Your Tune’ has the impressive vocals of Joe with the band echoing behind, this track is ended remarkably  by Dan Thompson smashing away on his drums.
With the mix of tempos in ‘A Song for the People’ makes it one of my favourites. It gives the indie/rock feel to the album.

This band has great musical influences and the way their album sounds and the way they perform at gigs they will someday become a musical influence.
Look out for 3’s A Riot and go see them live – it’s an experience.

By Lucee Clarke

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