Paul Weller Sonik Kicks – Review

At the age 53 Paul Weller is still writing songs. Sonik Kicks is Weller’s 11th album and is the loudest, noisiest and most eclectic. In this album Graham Coxon and Noel Gallagher make an appearance with their guitars.

This number one album kicks off with the blast of synthesisers in ‘Green’. It has a mixture of firm guitar sounds and Paul’s distorted lyrics.
Track 7 gives the album a different genre to it. ‘Study in Blue’ gives the album a jazz-reggae style.  This is a big change for the ‘modfather’. What makes this so special? He is accompanied by his wife, Hannah.
One track that characterises Damon Albarn is ‘When your Garden’s overgrown’. It has a lovely strummed melody to it.
‘Dragonfly’ and ‘Around the Lake’ have the similar motivated drum beat with strange sound effects. These two tracks have defiantly got the most sci-fi feel to them.
Track 4 ‘Sleep of the Serene’ gives the album a 1960s feel. It’s full of electronic babble and becomes more psychedelic as the string instruments join in.
The 20 second track ‘Twilight’ is 20 seconds of authentic metallic clatter. ‘Drifters’ has the heavy sound of guitar and a mysterious voice replying to ‘finding his was back home’.
‘That Dangerous Age’ and ‘Kling I Klang’ are personally my favourite with its memorable, amusing, comical lyrics – classic Weller tracks.

Sonik Kicks is confusing, complicated but full of ideas.
If you like the sound of this album make you sure you go see him at Jordell Bank in June – it’s a must see.

By Lucee Clarke

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