Bon Iver Bon Iver – Review

Recorded alone in the woods – Bon Iver is one of my favourite albums. The bearded dude from Wisconsin has this unique, angelic, never heard before, sensational voice. This album compared to ‘For Emma’ is less sealed, less wintry, less hurt and less monomaniacal. The tracks are broader and more musically sophisticated.

Vernon, we know can sing all types of genres from RnB with Kayne West and soft rock with Gayngs. This album shows its rustic chamber pop feel with an experimental edge.

‘Holocene’ is personally my favourite with Vernon’s virtuosic vocal performance. The simple line ‘I was not magnificent’ holds the combination of feelings in this song perfect.

Bon Iver’s story telling throughout the album is oblique. The song titles appear like names of states but forget about geography its more placing state of mind and mixing it with simplicity and surrealism.

The songs within Bon Iver become more of poem with the exploration of feelings. It deals with escape and struggle to get outside.

‘Perth’ is the most holistic song in this album, its builds from total silence into a crashing summit. The supernatural moment when ‘Michicant’ takes your breath with the story line from childhood, it pulls you deeper into Bon Iver’s daydream. Bon Iver ends with an 80’s mature contemporary pop sound, ‘Beth/Rest’.

It has alot of confusion within this album; if you don’t get it you still feel the impact of the beautiful vocals and warm melodies.

Album of the month.

By Lucee Clarke

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