Van Morrison – Still on Top: Greatest Hits – Review

The “Still on Top” Greatest Hits album by Van Morrison (born George Ivan Morrison) is a great album in my opinion. It’s not very often I get chance to review albums such as this, so when I heard that this was waiting to be reviewed, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it.

The album is just one of a mind-blowing thirty three studio albums that have been by the Irishman so far in his career with the last album release coming in 2009. This one was released on March 9th of 1999. The phrase “Music lasts for centuries.” springs to mind here. It features Morrison’s debut solo single “Brown Eyed Girl” and also the big hits “Gloria (performed with Them),” “Moondance” and “Bright Side of the Road.”

Charting at number eleven and gaining gold certification in both the UK and the US, Morrison had instant success with this album. However, I, being a lover of his music, believe he could’ve charted a lot higher with this record, but that’s in the past and we’re living in the present. This will live on forever. You could listen to this in fifty years’ time and still appreciate the music the same as you would if you listened to it today.

“Here Comes the Night,” “Gloria (performed with Them),” “Someone Like You,” Days Like This” and finally “Crazy Love” are all on this album. “Crazy Love” is of course more widely known to be a Michael Bublé record, but in fact, it was “Van the Man” as he’s known affectionately that sang the original. I believe the Morrison version to be better than Bublé’s cover, but it all comes down to personal opinion.

There are a number of other tracks on this album. It’s two discs of pure brilliance as far as I’m concerned and I would’ve liked to have spoken a lot more about each track individually, but if I’d have done that, we’d still be here in the Summer.

My personal favourite of the whole collection has to be either “Wavelength” or “Into the Mystic.” They are – in my opinion – Van Morrison’s best works and this album is top of my “Most Played” playlist in iTunes. I’ve always been a huge fan of Van the Man and I hope that this review has persuaded you to become – if you’re not already – a fan of him and his music. I strongly recommend that anyone with an eclectic taste in music goes out to one of the leading record shops and buys this album. To sum it up in one word: “Timeless.”


By Elliot Foster

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