All the Young Welcome Home – Review

One of my favourite local bands have released their debut album today – ‘Welcome Home’. I had my first listen and thought ‘got to do a review’, this album is outstanding and each member needs credit for it.

A perfect song to starts a perfect album is ‘Another Miracle’. It’s one of them songs that just go together like a jigsaw. All the Young knew this was going to be a song from the first six notes of the guitar. It’s an exciting opener and as Jack says “it’s a beer spiller”.

The oldest track on this album is ‘Today’ which was actually recorded with Ryan and Jack in a different band. Ryan says that “this is where it all began” and where he “stopped all the whingeing lyrics”.

All the Young are a popular up and coming band and deserve every piece of recognition they can get. Their first radio hit was ‘The First Time ‘which is track three. This got loads of attention and became the bands most famous song.

One of their foreign songs is ‘New Education’ which was born in Canada. They bands describe this as “mad”. The melody came from tapping bits of wood in a cabin; now that what I call creative. All the Young last minute before coming back to the UK decided to add the sound of organs into the song. You can say it’s one of them songs where you throw a bit of everything in and it will sound good.

The track that adds blues and rock into the album is ‘The Horizon’. The lyrics are about losing a best friend; Ryan says this was supposed to be a” sombre song” but by the sounds of it they changed this idea because we hear the heavy sound of guitar and piano. It’s defiantly the most emotive song of the album and “it’s a monster” says Ryan.

‘Quiet Night In’ gives the album a different rhythmic feel.  Its rock’n’roll pop with a memorable groove which personally makes it one of my favourite. Jack wanted this to sound like “sugar” whereas Ryan wanted it to sound like “sugaaaaaar”; you choose which it sounds like.

Ryan’s favourite song on the album is ‘Chase’. It’s the first ballad-like track and Ryan says “we could play it at Paul McCartney’s wedding” well lads I wish you all the luck if you did get the chance!  David’s guitar is defiantly the highlight in this song.

The wildest song is track eight ‘Here to Stay’. As David says this song is “one to get absolutely hammered with mates with”. It’s the dark horse of the album. This song gets the audience energetic with its up-beat melody.

‘Arcane’ one of All the Young’s biggest songs, its gets lots of love considering it’s the darkest track by them. Ryan describes it in one word – “eerie”.

The longest track at nearly 7 minutes long is ‘Welcome Home’. It’s All the Young’s statement song. This draws a line under this album and that era of All the Young and starts a line for the next big thing.

The whole band is looking forward to writing the next album and so I am.

By Lucee Clarke

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