Jessie J – Who You Are – Review

Once the Van Morrison review was done, I took a look at the review list and noticed this was on it. I don’t just love the album; I love the singer for obvious reasons. When it was suggested that I should take this one and do it, it was an offer that I simply couldn’t refuse.

From releasing her debut single “Do it Like a Dude” to the release of the “Who You Are” album last year, Jessie J has shot to the top in the blink of an eye and rightly so in my eyes. Her voice is so unique and I think she’s one of the best female vocalists to come out of UK music in the last decade.

“Who You Are” took London girl Jessica Ellen Cornish and her various co-writers six years to record. I’ll tell you know it was well worth the wait. She’s now a judge on the new BBC talent show The Voice and is currently working on her second album, but back to this one.

There have been two releases of this album, the regular version and the platinum edition which includes collaboration with French DJ David Guetta called “LaserLight” and also her second number one single “Domino.” On both versions, there is a track called “Price Tag” which she did with B.O.B. I liked that version until I heard her standalone version in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge Volume 6. It was so much better.

The stand-out track for me has to be the album title track, “Who You Are.” It sums up Jessie J and everything she’s about – belief. It’s a mixed album in terms of the tracks that are recorded on it. There are some slow, slushy tracks, some upbeat tracks and finally, most extremely there are some punchy anthems there for you to enjoy.

Before its release, it promised a lot and for me it has delivered what it promised, but I can’t be the judge. If you’re a fan of Jessie J but don’t yet have the album, I’d urge you to go and get it.

I can’t wait to see what her second album brings after hearing this masterpiece, but it’s for you to decide, not me.

By Elliot Foster

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