Mumford&Sons Sign No More – Review

Mumford & Sons has got to be one of my favourite folk bands. Sign No More is an outstanding album which has 4 singles included. Formed in 2007 because of their love of folk, bluegrass and country Mumford&Sons are a bunch of talented individuals.

With the mix of banjos, mandolins, guitar, drums, keyboards, accordion, dobra and the howling vocals this album starts with the rush of every instrument in ‘Sign No More’.  The lyrics throughout the album are anonymous and have a case of misunderstanding they rely heavily on Shakespeare which gives it that timeless element.  In ‘Little Lion Man’ one of my favourite tracks it tells us that something has gone wrong and he is admitting to his wrong-doings ,‘I really f***ed it up this time, didn’t I, my dear’.

The whole album is exciting and entertaining but one that stands out for me is ‘White Blank Page’ it provides a constant intrigue throughout. Mumford picks up an American gothic feel in ‘Dust Bowl Dance’, when the electric guitar kicks in the song becomes more intense and Marcus’s vocals become more demanding.

A great folk album!

By Lucee Clarke

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