The Kabeedies Soap – Review

This lively four piece Norwich born band have made a comeback, but this time with a more matured element of fun. They have release their second album with an indie label ‘Fierce Panda’

‘Hang Ups of the West’ is a great opener for this frenetic album. It starts the album with a funk bass line. The gorgeous sound of the accordion in ‘The Boy with the Bad Mouth’ gives the album an African feel. From this up beat track we go into the most sombre song on the album ‘Bones’ it’s a great track with its jangly guitar riffs.
In this album there is some hidden gems; most notably the introspective ‘Under floor Lover’ and the slightly gloomy ‘Drowning Doll’. The Kabeedies have had one single out of ‘Soap’ and that is ‘Eyes’. It has a contemporary sound with a 90s genre feel to it.
Vocally throughout this album there is a boy- girl rivalry. It has a call and response effect like ‘The Specials’ which I think works with this type of music.
As we listen all the way through this album we can kind of see who they were influenced by; Blondie, Bombay Bicycle Club and quite possibly The Smiths.

By Lucee Clarke

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