Lianne La Havas Forget – Review

One of Paloma Faith’s backing singers and now solo and set out to succeed with top producers and supported by Bon Iver and Gary Barlow, this Londoner isn’t going to fail.

Lianne’s superb smoky voice is perfect with the mix of the gritty guitar sound in ‘Forget.’ The last track is a Dubstep version of ‘Forget’ not personally my favourite but it still has La Havas’s silky vocals.

This EP has a mix of song and the only live track is ‘Au Cinema’. It has Jazz harmonies that create rise and fall of tension. This turns away from Lianne’s laidback style and I like it.

My favourite track is ‘Gone,’ the only demo version of the EP. It begins with her wonderful whispery voice and in the chorus her belting vocals are shown. It’s the only ballad on the EP and it’s a vocal piano affair. Lianne’s voice is beautiful – puts goose bumps on my arms. She shows raw emotion whilst singing it.

Lianne has shown us with this EP she is not afraid to take risks. I can’t wait to hear the new stuff from her. Catch her in June supporting Elbow at Jodrell Bank.

By Lucee Clarke

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