Benjamin Francis Leftwich Last Smoke Before the Snow Storm – Review

Picking up an acoustic guitar must be intimidating and playing it these days with the likes of Laura Marling, Pete Roe and Bon Iver about. Benjamin Francis Leftwich at only 21 took upon the challenge with his debut LP, Last Smoke before the Snowstorm.

This album has a beautiful opener with ‘Pictures’. It has the simple plucking of the acoustic guitar and it’s accompanied by Benjamin’s delightful whispery vocals. As the album progresses the soft sound of guitars increases and so does Ben’s hushed vocals.

Leftwich’s lyrics are fairly shallow and if you carefully listen to them, they are really random, “If you crash a car into your best friend’s house, would you be quiet as a mouse”.

My personal favourite tracks are ‘Shine’ and ‘Atlas Hands’. They are two most upbeat tracks on the album and I love their quirky lyrics. They are also added with a female voice with matches Ben’s perfectly.

This album is purely about the music and lyrics, it’s not one to show off.

By Lucee Clarke

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