Jason Mraz- Love is a Four Letter Word- Review

He’s back and back with more hair – hardly recognisable. In 2008 Jason stole my heart with his successful single ‘I’m Yours’ this is and will be forever be one of my favourite songs of all times. When I found out he released a new album I had to check it out and review his genius work. On my first listen straight away I thought ‘Jason has made a 10/10 again’.

Mraz has already made a single from this album ‘I Won’t Give Up’. It’s had lots of positive feedback. I’m not surprised it’s a great track it has a very folk blues style to it. It’s alot like Jack Johnson with its sweet melody and meaningful lyrics.

What makes the album so impressive it that Jason has a mix of genres within it. The American certainly shows that he is a creative musician. We all know Jason is the one that makes them sweetest lyrics and is a talented songwriter well I think that we can all agree that it is has shown this fact again in ‘Love is a Four Letter Word’.

There are two tracks that stand out for me. It’s ‘5/6’ it has a touch of reggae/jazz and I could imagine how wonderful it would be, being played perfectly in a lovely relaxed environment. When Jason sings ‘la, la, la’ in the chorus of ‘Everything is Sound’ it’s beautiful, the melody is one to nod your head to and whatever you doing or wherever you are the lyrics makes you smile, it’s pure pleasure to listen to.

With Jason’s natural affinity voice and his gorgeously played melodies it defiantly makes this album of the month and I and I’m probably not the only one who cannot wait for him to start touring again.

By Lucee Clarke

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