The Futureheads- Rant- Review

The Futureheads a known post-punk band with exceptionally lively, heavy melodies who are influenced by New Wave have taken a curve in their successful careers. They’ve gone a cappella and sound like they have had loads of fun creating it.

Are you major fan of The Futureheads? Are you the crazed fan at the front of every gig? If you don’t like this tremendously creative, one in a million album then you aren’t a real The Futureheads fan. How can you not enjoy the delight of Barry, Jaff, Dave and Ross’s vocals?

They have a mixture of some covers, previous tracks and a set of remixes there was no newly written tracks for this project. It’s a complete transformation for these punk indie rockers.
This quartet or shall we say barbershop quartet, do a numerous amount of covers within the album from Kelis, Black Eyed peas, Sparks and Richard Thompson.  “Meet Me Halfway” is sung beautifully a total twist to the original. “Beeswing” is unique compared to the original; it seems the lads have been creative and messed around with these tracks and wanted to make a different distinctive sound with them. It’s an album to without doubt get your fingers clicking and your bodies swaying.

The erstwhile tracks The Futureheads have written are differing completely with an a cappella sound to them. My personal opinion – It’s very unusual for them but totally amazing at the same time.

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable album to listen to; it’s something different from what punk/indie bands would normally choose to do.

I salute you, The Futureheads for being unique!  

By Lucee Clarke

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