Dead Format – Interview with James Brammeld

Friday night at the Underground I heard and met a new band Dead Format; James Brammeld guitarist/singer and Kev Mcgee drums. I got their CD which is brilliant and managed to get a mini interview with the singer/guitarist James Brammeld.
Dead Format are a guitar/synth fused indie band taking a modern turn on a hacienda era influence.
I only asked a few question so here we go;

What got you two together making music?
James said he and Rich have only done a handful of gigs together and have more dates to release. They met through other local bands.

Who are your inspirations?
Factory records and the birth of smaller independent labels that helped the birth of the Manchester hacienda scene are James’s inspirations.

Where do you see your self’s in 5 years time?
James would ideally like to be playing in Europe touring. Have an album out and release a few singles either with a successful band or alone. Either way James has made it clear he won’t be going anywhere soon but will be doing something that makes him happy.

If you could tour with anyone who would it be?
James would like to tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club as they’re one of the only proper rock’n’roll band that can actually rock’n’roll right. If he was to go on tour with anyone it would have to be someone or a group that would be good company and one that you could have a laugh with.

Okay, Friday, at the Underground with Kav, 3’s A Riot and The Haze. What was it like with them?
Brammeld said that the bands were great to get along with and he and Rich got loads of compliments from them. He would also like to add that the youngest at the front were lively. So, if you were one of them at the front well done for your great support!

Finally, what’s your favourite cheese?
It took James a while to come up with the answer but in the end he came up with a very educated answer – nicely smoked.

Thanks to James for answering my questions and I hope all the best for you. If you have a chance to go and see Dead Format, go! There an amazing live act. The Times Magazine says ‘The pick of the local scene’ I agree.
Find them at 3’s A RIOT + DIRTY GOODS @ The Sugarmill 26th May.

By Lucee Clarke

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Thanks to Radical’s Rising’s Daniel Rowlands for taking the photo from that night. Photojournalist,, 07928328980,, @Tastyface19