Fool’s Paradise – Interview with Rob Deacon.

One of my favourite local bands Fool’s Paradise consist of 4 lads from the midlands looking to get people talking and listening to ‘quality’ music again. Rob Deacon singer/guitarist agreed to answer some question for me, here they are;

How did the four of you get together?
“Me and Dan were school mates and happened to met up for a jam. Dan’s brother Steve joined on bass and Steve’s mate – Brad joined on guitar soon after.”

Who are your inspirations and why?
“My inspirations are Oasis because they made me realise that music isn’t just about what you hear it’s about what you feel! Passion, heart and soul!”

What’s the best gig you have ever done?
“My best gig was at Night&Day cafe in Manchester. We took a coach full with us it was an all day session and when we appeared it went absolutely nuts.” (Laughs)

Where would be your dream gigging arena?
“It would certainly have to be Wembley with 90,000 people, it would be unreal but I also enjoy the small intimate venues – better quality.”

If you could tour with anyone who would it be?
“The Who. I believe the after parties would be wild but in this present day I would love to tour with Kasabian. They are amazing live.”

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
“As long as I’ve got a beer in my hand, guitar in the other hand + friends and family by my side I’m happy”.

If there was a place called Fool’s Paradise, how would you describe it?
A great answer in my opinion. “I reckon it would be non-stop party island, where the music is loud and drugs are free”.

What is your favourite cheese?
Okay, so Rob laughed at me for asking this but he did answer – “As much as i do love a bit of Mozzarella. Gonna have to be smoked, (laughs)”

Fool’s Paradise a great live band with awesome members. This Saturday catch them at The Old Brown Jug, Newcastle. Also check their new single out – ‘Set Me Free’ It’s a belter!

Thanks to Rob for taking up his time to answer my questions and good luck with the future gigs.

By Lucee Clarke

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