Gemma Ray – Island Fire

Tumblr name theonlywayisgemmaray has released her fourth album.  The glamorous singer/songwriter  who says she looks at us with her ‘Gemma Ray eyes’ has created this wonderfully creative album from the artwork (designed by Lucy) to the lyrics.

It alters from different musical styles and different musical influences. One track she will be bursting with retro pop sounds and next she will go to the darker end of the musical spectrum but either way she still shines on.

The most additive rhythm on the album is ‘Bring Ring Ring Yeah’ It has great power as the whole concept of the song describes her and suits her Essex personality. The relaxing lullaby ‘They All Wanted a Slice’ is yet another one of Ray’s experimental tracks that have been pulled off perfectly. In each and every track Ray shows off her powerful talented vocals that are beautifully combined with the marvellous melodies.

Throughout listening to Gemma’s album over and over I came to a conclusion that I think every song is some sort of experiment in one way or another. There are fascinating choices, childish choices and perfect choices that make up the ingenious album.

I imagine Gemma as a colleague made up of different musical sounds and different past musical influences.

By Lucee Clarke

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