Little Night Terror’s Dan Holyoak Interview

I come across the band Little Night Terrors on twitter and checked their music out and loved it. This alternative/ new wave / indie pop group have a UK tour till June, go check them out! They say they are going to give us the shake, rattle & roll in 2012. I hope so.  I got talking to Dan Holyoak the bass player and he agreed to do a quick interview here it is;

How did the three of you come together?
Bone & Andy had a load of songs ready and were looking for a bass player. I sent a video of me playing bass over some of the songs and we were off!

Dan, you get called the mad man, how come?
Haha I think it’s a mixture of strange behaviours and weird comments I make on tour.
We just released a tour footage which will maybe explain alot

Who would your love to tour with past or present? And why?
The Rolling Stones or Arctic Monkeys, both highly inspirational bands to me.

Who’s your biggest inspiration? And why?
Usain Bolt. Because his broadband so fast.

You’ve played with The Vaccines. How was that for experience?
Was a great night, literally a couple of weeks after we played with them they released their album and it blew up big time for them.
Was a big inspiration to how quickly things can switch up!

What would be your worst nightmare? 
A fish n’ chip shop with no salt and vinegar

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
On top of a bridge naked screaming that I’m a golden god!

Finally, what’s you favourite cheese?
Wensleydale with cranberries all the way!

Thanks to Dan for answering this and giving me a laugh reading the answers! Check their new single out

By Lucee Clarke

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