Ren Harvieu – Through The Night

Evoking some divas some past decades Ren Harvieu – born Lauren has the hint of some fabulously talented musical stars from Dusty Springfield, Karen Carpenter to Morrissey with a remarkable white soul 60’s voice that people ‘ought to be jealous about.

Harvieu starts the album off with a rush of “Open up Your Arms” a touch like Walker Brothers. Her vocals blow you away – great track to open with.

Ren has that old fashioned voice that we can listen to continually and never get bored. I could imagine this British retro-soul diva being a part of ‘The Sound of Motown of ReadySteadyGo!’ In 1965.

Listening throughout the album and noticing her big choruses that create a great impact on the listener. One track that caught my eye is “Through the Night” it has an element of Florence and the Machine with out of this world vocal choruses.

The whole album tells me that Ren is a huge fan of Dusty Springfield. One in particular “Twist the Knife”. It has the pleasant melody of old fashioned string instruments that echo her soulful vocals and the repetition of ‘she won’t love you like I do’ is beautiful. I’m surprised Nashville hasn’t heard a glimpse of Harvieu yet!

The two most buoyant tracks are “Walking in the Rain” and “Summer Romance”. They are again great tracks for the album I just think Ren needs to be careful not too sound to modern pop like ABBA.

The soaring melodramatic ballads like “Tonight”, “Forever in Blue” and “Holding On “are in the delightful likes of Shirley Bassey in the mid 50’s. Not as good as the dame herself but we can boldly hear a hint of her in these three tracks.

To give this album the best ending, Ren has chosen a soft, expressive track – “Love is a Melody”. It gives it such a magnificent, powerful ending.

Harvieu – sound of 2012 has, for definite got a bright future ahead of her.

By Lucee Clarke

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