Guillemots – Hello land!

The BRIT nominees are not one to brag about their talented musical skills and I only found them whilst checking Laura Marling’s related artists out on Spotify.

This quartet has a beautiful charm which flows quietly through each whispery track. Every song whether it’s the 1 minute 52 seconds instrumental – ‘Spring Bells’ or the 6 minute 5 seconds lyrical genius – “I Lie Down”. This bizarrely named foursome has defiantly come back with their experimental starting point.

Guillemots; whilst producing this authentic, rustic, calming album were hidden in the mountains of Norway. With each individual song we can see where it fits in, for example ‘Bye Bye Land’ the 9 minute instrumental could be imagined sitting on the mountain side glaring up at the stars thinking about nothing apart from, how come these aren’t getting the gratitude they ought to be worthy of having?

Nothing here grasps my attention as lacking in ambition and creativity with the sweet, soothing sound of guitar, gentle whistles of the flute and genius lyrics.

When ‘Up on the Ride’ gets underway it gets the Radiohead fans wild. It’s a flip of the coin song you either love it or hate it. It’s a song with two halves. The first few minutes have the fragile vocals of Fyfe then boom, you hit the mid section and the rambling of ‘stay with me baby’ begins. Perfect. The album from now on doesn’t take long to hit into the indie pop perfection, ‘Fleet’ a white soulful tune that is complete with funk sounding guitars and it’s a little something like The Blue Nile would produce in the early 80s.

‘Southern Wind’ gives a reminiscent of Simon&Garfunkel with its nestling acoustic guitar and crackles of vinyl. I could visualize this song, going back to Norway, been snuggled up with a loved one in a pop-up tent on the picturesque mountain side.

‘Outside’ gives the album a retro pop feel and really shows the unique vocals of Dangerfield. Undoubtedly my favourite track and undoubtedly album of the month!
I will be eagerly waiting for the next Guillemots journey. They don’t beg for attention they simply get it.

By Lucee Clarke

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