Jackie Scott – Interview

I first came across Jackie Scott by an e-mail from PRAgency. I researched this pop princess and liked the way in which she is dedicated in what she wants to do.
A little background information for people who don’t know her; she’s an electro-pop independent artist from New York.
Jackie with her party girl attitude and loveable music is worthy to be a Top 40 superstar.
Here I got the chance to interview Jackie herself;

1)       How have you been after the new release of ‘Pink Hot Blush’?

“Things are great. After promoting the release, I actually relaxed a bit and cleared my head for the first time in a year and a half.  Now I’m getting the itch to record again. Last week I started on some new material, a cover of The Wanted’s “Chasing the Sun”. I turned it into a ballad and posted the recording to my SoundCloud page.  Very different for me but refreshing! Look for a video in about a week. We’ll see how people react. I hope the cover will lead people to discover my original work on Pink Hot Blush.”

2) Have you got a favourite memory you have had whilst producing this album?

“The first day I started recording my song Train Wreck was memorable. I had written most of the song outside of the studio and was nervous to share it with my producer, Lior Magal, because it was edgy and the verses are sort of like rapping. Well, I sang it and he was all about it!  I was really excited. Then he started laying down the synth and it was so hot; it came together like magic. I knew right away we had something. That song is still my personal favourite.”
3) You have had help from Lior Magal, how was that for an experience?

“Working with Lior is a great experience. He is kind, patient and inspiring. Sometimes I feel like a whirling dervish and he is like the calm. So we complement each other.”

4) Who would you say were your Inspirations and why? 

“I’m inspired by pop icons like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. I’m also a huge MIA fan. Katy Perry’s story is inspiring to me too. She had so many record deals that fell through before she finally broke into the mainstream. I admire her tenacity.”

5) If you could have produced any song what would it have been and why? 

“Any song? Wow. That’s tough! I’d love to take credit for MIA’s “Steppin Up”. There is a chain saw sample that is pretty crazy and some awesome drops. I’m sure producing it was a challenge.”

6) If you could tour with any artist/band who would it be past or present and why? 

“I’d like to tour with Lady Gaga. She keeps up an insane pace and puts on an amazing show. I’m sure I could learn a great deal from her.”
7) You’re based in New York, what’s your favourite area in New York and would you ever think of moving away?

“ I like the West Village a lot, but picking a favourite is impossible. The best thing about New York is enjoying all of the different neighbourhoods. I wouldn’t want to move away from the area, but another major city could entice me. Or somewhere with beautiful weather!”
8) Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

“Living a bi-coastal lifestyle with homes in NYC and LA, touring the world and spending lots of time writing and recording songs.”
9) Finally, rather random. What your favourite cheese? 

“OMG this is the hardest question yet! I eat feta almost every day. I also keep a block of Pecorino Romano in my fridge and eat that straight up while watching girly TV shows, like a guilty freak.”

Thanks to Jackie Scott for taking her time in her busy schedule to answer these questions. I hope that in 5 years time you do have that dream of touring, writing and recording. One last thing check Jackie Scott’s web page out http://www.jackiescottmusic.com/#! You can get all her tweets, updated information, listen to her music and see if Jackie will be performing near you.

By Lucee Clarke

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