Regina Spektor – What We Saw From The Cheap Seats

Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina. What can I say ay? She’s like a cake mixture with an added unusual ingredient. This quirky singer/songwriter has come a long way since first spotted in the anti folk scene this album really shows off what she is all about.

Her songs are more about scenarios and characters within her imagination rather than an autobiography about herself. Spektor has a mixture of musical genres that influence her from punk rock, classical and hip-hop. She’s defiantly has that distinctive element about her.

Every track on this album needs recognition she really pulls this alternative album off!
Small Town Moon; putting heavy emotional lyrics with a light hearted guitar played tune is beautiful.
Oh Marcello; the eccentric song with a realist Italian accent and its weird style change.
Don’t Leave Me; it’s a brighter version of Songs in 2002 with percussion backing her sweet vocals.
Firewood; this is struck with honest deep emotion but sung sweetly and whispery.
Patron Saint; one of the happiest cheery tracks.
How; ballad-like with Regina’s powerful vocals leaving the listening easier attached to the beautifulness of her.
All The Rowboats; the single of the album, held together with exquisite piano playing.
Ballads of a Politician; this has the humorous lyrics like “Shake it, shake it baby / Shake your ass out in that street”
Open; the strange sound of Spektor is odd and something out of the ordinary.
The Party; she known to do impressions of instruments and within this tracks she does a trumpet and the drums.
Jessica; a lullaby to end is perfect.

This unique album has successfully made a single out of it. “All The Rowboats”. The toe tapping drum/piano beat is marvellous and with the extra of her remarkable vocals is really something to listen to. It’s like Regina has taken a modern gothic turn with this album. The lyrics personify objects in a museum “In glass coffins they keep coughing” they are really something to read and listen to.

Regina does her best at an Italian accent in “Oh Marcello” The lyric that stand out for me is “Oh lord, please don’t let me be understood” she sounds a little sympathetic like she has done something wrong. Her music may be weird but she has serious talent.

The hidden gem of the album has to be “Open” it has the soft classical playing of the piano and Regina’s whispery type voice. It has a dramatic turn half way through like something from a horror movie with the inhaling gasps which cause tension with the listen.

Every track on this album sounds like she has lots of feelings that she wants to express which she has done vocally throughout this album. I feel affection towards every note played and sung.

It’s an album for certain to give you the sense of goosebumps.

By Lucee Clarke

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