Aaron Mobberley; Interview.

With a new album out and the positive reviews, Aaron Mobberley’s musical career seems to be looking up.  As Rob Adcock, BBC Introducing from Stoke says, “In my humble opinion, one of the most talented musicians in Staffordshire and Cheshire.” Lucky for me I got a chance to ask – as I called him- Mr. Nice Guy a couple of questions, here they are;

When did the loving relationship between you and your guitar begin?
“I started playing guitar since my ninth birthday in 2002. For my birthday present I could either have a trumpet or an acoustic steel string. I’m glad I chose the guitar!”

Who are your inspirations?
“Mainly 60’s folk/pop revival, folk/rock, with lots of vocal harmonies. There are so many artists that inspire me; Simon And Garfunkel, Rich Mullins, The Beach Boys, Kings Of Convenience, Fleet Foxes, Wye Oak, Laura Gibson.”

If you could tour with anyone who would it be?
“If I could tour with anybody right now, it would have to be Father John Misty, because I have his album on repeat and every one of his shows would be a joy to see.”

Your album ‘Commitments’ is beautifully put together and the lyrics are somewhat magnificent. If there is one word or one sentence to describe it what would it be?
“Thank you very much! I wrote commitment E.P within the space of 2 years, so my lyrics are based on the ups and downs that I experienced within that length of time. “

Your t-shirt design is creative; how did the ideas spring to mind?
“My T-Shirt design was designed by Sam Aspinall. I told him what influences me as an artist which would be Nature, Life changes and music, and he worked the design around that. I am very pleased with the result!”

Who would you choose to duet with, Bon Iver or Laura Marling?
“Tricky question to answer as I’m a big fan of them both, but I would suppose that working with Laura Marling would be great, her vocals are original and I occasionally sing the harmonies when listening to her recordings.”

Finally, what’s your favourite cheese?
“My favourite cheese would have to be the trustworthy mild cheddar, you can’t go wrong with it and it’s a timeless classic!”

Look out for Aaron when he’s next performing. It’s one of them performances where you’d love to repeatedly watch it over and over again.

By Lucee Clarke

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Photo by; Copyright Robert Harrison