Word Of Mouth – Karl Bayley 10/10

Inspirational, creative and melodies that have high moral values, ‘Word of Mouth’ is the album of the month for me. Karl Bayley has released this 11 track album with genuine emotion that as well as pulling guitar strings he has pulled some heart strings.

Each track strikes a different emotion; album titled track ‘Word of Mouth’ gives a sort of country, intense, deep guitar sound which builds up in depth for a successful opening track.

‘Better Everyday’ for me personally shows a man and guitar’s relationship. Its Karl and his guitar that make this album the treasure it is. Out  comes a sound that this mature, beautiful echo from the guitar then you get hit by Karl dulcet vocals.

The delicacy of the guitar and the depth in which the song writing is taken is a massive skill Karl needs recognising for. ‘Down Town’ is that track where fans sway and lighters make an appearance.

When you think it’s another slow track the chorus picks up after the matching up verse. ‘Minute By Minute’ begins the toe tapping; nodding heads this melody takes control of you. The lyrics are confusing to make a story with but the song writing which in every track is spot on.

‘Coming and Going’ makes me want to say something about a drum beat but there’s no drum, it’s just the force in which Karl plays his guitar. This beat is additive and lingers in your head, it has that stable structure which come across as an impressive sound from a man and his guitar.

‘Day Dreamer’ has that melody you want to nod your head to and be happy. The positive lyrics about living the high life and having thriving dreams could have a personal touch to it as he’s entered competitions where you have to stay optimistic through the bad and good.

Oasis, ‘Wonderwall’ reminds me of this track, ‘Walk a Little Slower.’ The tempo drops to a much mellower acoustic sound with strikes of passionate chords and endearing, eloquently sounds. “It’s gonna be alright” is an example of the magnificent lyrics that show his caring personality. His loveable vocal is lovely to sing along, relax and enjoy too.

Staying with the tempo of mellow ‘Spiralling’ see’s a more dynamic, stronger take of mellow. The power and strength of this track pulls hearts strings and tears become obvious in listener’s eyes. Karl’s lyrics are honest story tellers and heartfelt messages, his song writing inspiration – Noel Gallagher has pushed him and most likely will continually push him till he reaches the end of the, ‘genius song writing’ path when at the end millions with read, listen and learn them off by heart.

‘Fire in Your Eyes’ one of the shortest tracks has an acoustic funk rhythm towards it. The elongated ‘yeah’s’ give him that confident attitude as well as his encouraging lyrics. He seems the lad that has had past life experience and has learned from it and now is advising and supporting people with his lyrics.

Another short track is, ‘Life or History’ and it seems to be an adoring love song. He makes it pretty clear he wants to be this certain person’s life and not history. The pure emotion that comes across is one of Karl’s finest qualities.

He ends the album like no-one else could have done better with bonus track, ‘Run Away’. The melody and vocals are perfectly fitted. It’s sweet but powerful which is ingeniously put together.

Karl Bayley has pulled this album right off! Commercial TV farcical singing show has missed out BIG time!