This Sun No More at Tower Studio’s

Child of Neurosis and ISIS – This Sun No More intrigue me for the first time.

Together for 4 years and forever changing bass player This Sun No More describe themselves as “inconsistent”. They currently don’t have a bass player but previously they have been complimented on how good they sound without a bass.  They have been progressive metal then a little heavier and at this stage they have calmed it down a little. In previous bands, members have been in Iron Maiden/ACDC cover bands or glam rock bands but now Peter, Phil, Joe and Andy have come together to produce their own sound.

Gigs have been off the cards for this 4 piece for nearly half a year, from want I have heard they want to get back out there and become more of a band than a hermit hiding away. When gigging This Sun No More have had strange comments, for example; they got described as Pink Floyd which they thought seemed silly and one time at a  gig where the line up was mostly indie bands one comment made was, “ you sound nothing like hell, you sound like The Strokes”. They have only gigged in Stafford and Cannock they’ve never been able to make Stoke venues so maybe one day when their EP has been released they can gain more recognition.

The great thing about This Sun No More is that their EP goes to a certain level of depth, that much depth that the song writing and melody is based upon the poem, ‘Inferno (Dante)’. Each circle of hell gives the band an idea on lyrics and it gives them an influence on their melody. There are 9 circle of hell; Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery. They build each song up together week after week until it’s correct.

There is no set date for an EP but they are hoping for January. There are plans for about 5 or 7 tracks to be recorded .On Facebook, The Sun No More have an EP teaser; Andy has received positive feedback from other musicians and friends so it’s looking up for them when it’s released. Joe has a list of all the independent labels around and he will send every one of them a copy of their EP. There is an idea floating around about an EP gig where hard copies of ‘Circles’ will be handed out.

This Sun No More have a long term plan of planning and writing ahead of them and recording. Planning and writing ahead of themselves helps create the long masterpieces they come out with. Riffs take them away just like their general post-rock influence, Godspell You! Black Emperor.

2013 is the year This Sun No More will be back on track, take an interest and keep up to date with their news.

Lucee Clarke