The Rifles @ Sugarmill 27th November

The set of brothers – Lost Scene open the night with tremendous talent. For an opening act they had a large crowd which is from their vast fan base. With so many successful milestones’ it’s all looking up for this Stone based four piece. Their alternative indie pop style music caters for anyone, throughout the set it’s obvious they don’t stick to one type of sound. The beat was kept the whole time with the mighty baseline to add extra depth to the tracks. When you see sweat coming from the band members, you know the performance has been energetic and worthwhile watching.

4 years ago the members of Six Towns were watching The Rifles and now they have shared a stage with them. Six Towns didn’t disappoint! They played their usual set list consisting old track and the new track. Putting the two together in one set list shows off how as a band they have matured their rock and roll sound.  New track Asylum has slowly turned into a favourite or as Six Towns say ‘faves’. They hypnotic, psychedelic, rock and roll melody is made with the help of the added keyboard. Six Towns are still in the running to becoming MTV Brand New and Unsigned with their dedicated fan base each and every one of you keep them fingers crossed and keep supporting.

During the support acts The Rifles had a little trouble with not having an acoustic guitar which most people would seems is a little unprofessional but they put on a classic performance. The Rifles with their strong cockney accent seem to be loved in Stoke with a reasonable crowd. There was something different about them that night, they played acoustic. What was so loved about the set was they created a warm friendly atmosphere and created banter with each other and the crowd, this ticks off what a great acoustic gig should be like.