The Fortunas EP

There are so many awesome things to point out about this fortune of a band – The Fortunas. The talent is unbelievable. They had a year break and they have returned with a bigger and better outburst. The song writing has become more established and it comes with genuine energy.

Blood Blister Blues straight away for older fans can see the difference. This is a change but a very good change. It’s a personal favourite, the complex riffs and crackling effect makes the melody complete, even before we hear the rest of the gift these lads have enhanced. The eerie, in no way creepy, riffs drifts us listeners into an otherworldly territory.

The darker side of The Fortunas appears something from the heavier rock stage in the late 70’s early 80’s. The driven bass and heavy drums make this melody hit you where it hurts; it becomes a repeated pattern in your musical nerves.  Song writing seems a form of poetry that spontaneously gets written down and automatically makes sense in a curious sort of way. Addison’s guitar skill is that immense there are physically no words to describe it.

L.O.V.E has a drum beat which kept the songs at its best and the whole track structured. The impact from Elliot’s unique, indie, blues vocal, motivated drum and strong baseline is unreal. It was like a lost jigsaw that has been fixed and stuck together. The silence with only Elliot’s vocal was beautiful, something different to say about an indie, rock sort of dude but they are full of surprises.

The Fortunas end with a groove in Piranha. This groove has a simple drum pattern but bassist steals the attention. The complex sound contrasts with the difference of tempo in Elliot’s, Russell Marsden type vocal. The poetry from the song writing is again highlighted, it leaves the listeners questioning the lyrics and humming the melody

2013, these lads will smash straight into it. Blues, indie, rock all in one is something different, something unique and that is what people want to hear. Break the fortune cookie and see what is read out.

Lucee Clarkethe fortunas