Hannah Dorman WORDS EP

In My Place
Bring It Back

Fresh for the New Year this gripping, exciting young artist, Hannah Dorman will be releasing her new EP, Words. The pop, rock genre artist has risen from her acoustic roots; widened her wings to an improved more driven rock sound. Overall her sound of the EP hits the rocky country edge due to her vocals.

Words kicks in with a soft folk melody, which transforms swiftly into the powerful thrust of country rock. Hannah’s vocals go up and down her vocal range emphasising her imaginative ideas. The band as a background to her, compliments her style and voice completely in the right direction. The mesmerizing beats give anyone that listens the get-up-and-go signal.

The pop genre comes through in, In My Place. The catchy, storytelling lyrics and transfixing melodies echo something Kelly Clarkson may do. Hannah’s creativity still comes through with the change of melody and energy in her vocal. The look of Hannah gives away that her performances are wild and captivating; her long luxuriant hair and distinctive hip dress sense is an indication of a successful artist.

The grooving poppy, rocky sound of Bring It Back is a reminder of Lily Allen. Hannah’s rapid vocal, which is closer to speech than singing, is the most energetic track on the EP. Songwriting for Hannah seems like real life situations and real life problems, which is what Lily Allen used to think about whilst songwriting. Writing songs in this way relates to the audience better, which gains a broader fan base that Hannah deserves.

Singer songwriter Hannah Dorman finishes her EP off with the slowest track, Maybe. The band again compliments her soft vocal. It’s more of an acoustic sound with no heavier sounds. Hannah’s vocals are shown differently in each track on the EP. Maybe, gives that ballad country style like Alanis Morissette, or a female artist from the 90s.


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