Fractures – Satyr EP

Skinny jeans, baggy sweaters, heavy eyeliner and unkempt hair describes the old school 90’s, rock grunge band Fractures. Satyr is from Greek mythology and it’s a man with goat-like features, he was the god of green fields and the guardian of shepherds or the other meaning of Satyr, is a gay guy who has notably hairy legs but no upper body hair. Could this be describing the members of Fractures underneath? Who knows?

Anyway, the three tracked EP gives out a lively sense of indie, alterative, grunge but on the edge of seriousness that could refer to their The Cure looks. After you’ve listened to Satyr your mind will have been mesmerized into a trance of a wild, mysterious atmosphere which in time turns into a mini master piece you will forever remember.

EP titled track – Satyr starts off with the beautiful dazzling guitar riffs which later on join with the driven, crashing drum beat. Straightaway getting themselves surely heard and drowned into listeners memories. Fred’s vocals are unique and make Fractures known for that distinctive reminiscent of Bowie’s punk, new romantic days. “Is it wrong or is it right”, highlights the bands life relating lyrics, on top of their provocative, political rhetoric’s.

Immediately, Shot in the Supermarket, has a build up in the melody and becomes increasingly contagious throughout your body. There becomes a hint of Brit Pop which signals they may have an influence from Suede. Mixing, disenchantment lyrics with an unabashedly slam of an intense melody is a spot on, creating vivid imagery with eerie thoughts.

With no significant punch thrown by Fractures the attitude they express from their music knocks you about just at much. Baby’s got a Gun, is the shortest of the EP but the most eerie and hypnotic. Having a soft intro in comparison with the aggression of tempo creates a dark, sinister ambience.  Repeating the lyrics makes that fascinating element to the EP.

Finally, the artwork has to be mentioned. Some people would just say plain and lacklustre, but look closely there has to be a story behind it somewhere. It’s a psychedelic, mix match of colours, drawn like the atmosphere of space, desolate and unoccupied. Could be what the music is supposed to represent? Listen and make your own opinion on what the artwork explains to you. fractures