Thee Terrace EP Review ‘Originality is the Key’

‘Originality is the Key’ is Thee Terrace’s first EP and first three tracks recorded. Thee Terrace, as a band have alot of different influences which all come together in the genres of indie, mod and rock. Stereotypical mod circle of red, white and blue symbolises them in their logo. Influences are from the year where the world of rock sounded as it has rediscovered its soul – 1990. Thee Terrace can take on their influence as a massive impact, that much in fact it can come across that they are a complete replicate.

Tell Tale Town gives the EP straightaway an upbeat positive tone. Story-telling lyrics which are broken up with ‘ooo’s’ and ‘ahhh’s’, give away that predictable indie vibe. This track creates an image of an indie nightclub, bouncing, sweating and drunken behaviour. It’s created by the intense, tight guitar riffs. Thee Terrace throughout listening to their music, have nothing complicated that strikes a unique shock but they have a genuine style which keeps them flying high in a safe, simple space for people to watch out for.

Running is written and sung by guitarist Kieran. It has that mellow, rock and slight electronic style. Kieran’s guitar talent is creative within his guitar solos. Vocals have a difference compared to Adam’s. Kieran adds a hint of hard grit to tracks that the melody needs. Using harmonies with Adam creates good connection which can be used in future songs; different vocal tones match and click together. “Your born an original, don’t die a copy” fades out with the added effect of a twinkling guitar solo; this gives the band a stamp that they want to push away from mainstream in their band career.

Shinning of the Light, a former Hype Chart single has Noel Gallagher’s name written all over it. That Brit-pop riff, that during the 90s hit art, fashion and politics, is familiar throughout Thee Terrace’s music. An image is yet again created; swag in guitar playing and cockiness in singing. Adam’s and Kieran’s guitar solos make an impressive ending to a track but it becomes slightly repetitive, as well as the backing vocals.


thee Terrace 2