‘Memorable’ trip to Crewe with 3’s A Riot and Neon Rouge 22/02/12

Chester, Liverpool based, female double fronted and newly formed band After the Rush Hour kick the night off, as if it hadn’t already on the 3’s A Riot and Neon Rouge coaches. Likes of Bowie came across in their set; mixing rock, pop and an earlier 80s new romantic style all together. With only being a new band this year, alot is looking up for them. After the Rush Hour will be speeding ahead writing debut material and playing live to new crowds.

Again, another female double fronted Cheshire band, Shakedown Stockholm.  Sisters take the front role in synchronised singing and the lads give it a solid background creating that Brit-pop influenced sound. Soft and strong tones were shook together to add that uniqueness to the set. Tracks such as Hypocrite had a clear bass line and indie style riffs which together make that track a notable late 1970s alternative rock track. Lyrics through Let It Be Known were themed and structure in British Oasis style and slightly edging towards the indie pop catchiness. No wonder this 5 piece have been spotted by BBC Radio 5, their live performance to end is impressive; as the two women leave the stage and hand over the attendance to the lads, energy was brushing off them onto the crowd.

Miles Kane, Paul McCartney look-a-like front man, straight away gives that Taking Libertines will be a stereotypical indie pop band. Taking Libertines set was a mix match of their old passenger’s seat, enemy to hip-hop indie guitar to stadium drowning, matured rock guitar sound. Front man Jay has the looks of a confident musician who believes in his lyrics and the passion he compels on the audience. The Art of Living their recent EP can be found on iTunes.

For a band nearly a year old now, Neon Rouge have all the boxes ticked. The maturity, professionalism and the sound they make is all there. 4 piece, 5 piece and now 6 piece, the ever so famous musically club of Stoke-On-Trent is expanding.  Having a female vocalist throughout the set -not just in Black Mamba, has boosted the love of each track they play. Opening track Big Foot has enhanced into disobedient rock which has been blistered and ram shackled to sound even better. Covering Lonely Boy by blues traditionalists, The Black Keys shows the brutal rock’n’roll and primal funk force Neon Rouge together, can make.  Break Jaw Blues flaunts how they desire to make music that reflects acid senses with their fuzzed up riffs and spoken lyrics. The depth in which lyrics are written is a considerable amount, that much in fact; people don’t understand they just sing along. When a crowd sing the lyrics back at the band must be the biggest compliment ever. Black Mamba every time gets the same reaction.  Breaking the track up with a fuzzed instrumental and an immense kick from everyone in the band is mega. 1950’s don’t know what they have missed out on; Elvis Presley wouldn’t have been the only man around that the rowdy backbeat that distorted teenage girls into frantic wrecks and caused oddly attired young men to loiter jealously outside neon-lit cinemas pleading for attention. Jack Fish has a heavier rock frame; nice track to let people know Neon Rouge can be loud.

Wherever 3’s A Riot go, wherever 3’s A Riot’s fans go, there’s a riot. You Say, It’s Gone, It’s Over the newest track released commences the energy being liberated. The new music from 3’s A Riot has brought a new mature, heavier image to them instead of the common indie vibe.  Songs from 3’s A Riot album will never find the exit door within their sets. I Don’t like Your Tune, Tonight the Sun Comes Up, Not Good Home Tonight and A Song for The People still has that intelligent approach to guitar and lyrical dynamics.  For a lad scared of his own mosh pit, Joe Tomasso does a good job creating one. The Wanted Man is how mellow 3’s A Riot goes. It has a reminiscent of Gallagher’s vocals; blustering, jaw-jutting surliness of Brit-pop, lad’s culture. In the City is where Dan Aydon gets his admiration, the baseline is a powerful element to the track, it’s the structure in which the mosh pit should bounce to. Featuring Lance creates more screams for 3’s A Riot. Adding hip-hop to and indie track is a distinctive kick which brings to mind what else 3’s A Riot have in store. Last track Lose Control is the 4 minute 52 seconds wonder where everyone lets out that last bit of energy before hitting the nightclubs.  Van Gogh’s Ear Music will be released soon with another new track- Growler.