Moriaty – Mindsweeper

Hard blues vocals fused in the midst of bluesy riffs; tying down smart, tapered men. Eras from early rock’n’roll, to punk, metal of the 70s and the indie, garage rock vibe from the 90s all creep up within this track. Jordan West and Matthew Partridge together take you through the winds and curves in the history of music.

Taking, alot of influences from different eras and different genres come across as a unique band to put aside and make a positive decision about. Bob Dylan strikes a ray of influence through the dilapidated -rock- touch’s -cut-glass lyricism adventure, that the pair take you on.

Filthy indie blues melody has a kick of 70s heavy metal, from the man responsible  for popularizing the now ubiquitous two finger ‘metal horns’ gesture – Black Sabbath; but yet it has that fragile rock’n’roll which slips into indie rock.

Rolling down future career path, towards the end I see a flourishing light of creativity.

Lucee Clarkemoriaty