The Get Alongs Headline @ Sugarmill 08/03/13

Being a new band with nearly 3000 likes on Facebook, a mention in Kerrang and sounding the way they do, The Rebellion have alot to come in their musical way. With each member originating from other bands to form this one; together they show off their talent and professionalism. Red Lights, their first and only recording sets their funkadelic genre on a floor shaking mission. Lyrics are set in an upbeat, sing along boogie tone which gives a chance for the fans to get involved.  Feverish front man, Danny hands centre stage to Andy and Pezz for their uncontrollable instrumental. It has to be said that The Rebellion have a awesome group of musicians from Stoke-on-Trent together, in one band. Covering, Get off my Cloud by The Rolling Stones saw a glimpse of Danny mimicking Mick Jagger; the pout, the walk and the actions. Covering, Get up off a thing by James Brown salutes that funk influence, as well as the boogie style which emphasises the slapping techniques of bass guitar from Andy. The Rebellion are constant on the rhythm train, stopping at fragmented funk grooves, gritty rock’n’roll vocal and an indie look.

New, youngish band No Love Lost has a distorted Brit-pop, indie, punk kind of sound. The vocalist isn’t one to compliment completely, no personality or attitude. Considering they are fond of Oasis, which of course are known for their outrageous attitudes and rowdy personality, there was so element of stage presence.  No Love Lost covered Supersonic; the audience loved it whereas the band except lead guitarist Rob looked like there was no enjoyment to be explored.  A bass and guitar build up was sounding positive until the cymbals took over and twisted that intense sound.

With a solid 1000 likes on Facebook and a screaming fan base Jo-ee-T, the man himself impressed the Sugarmill with a single set. I say single, he was joined by a female hula hoop dancer which undeniable gained more male attention to the unison block of bouncing. Jo-ee-T no doubt got the crowd warmed up and hyperactive for the headline. Mix after mix, bounce after bounce Jo-ee-T had an explosion of fans in front of him and an explosion of noise coming from his finger tips. It slowly became irresistible not to join in.

Back to a three piece, new tracks, new sound to old tracks. The Get Alongs are thriving to go. The Jam, The Kinks and The Clash mixed in one, indie rock, mod revival and distorted punk. Many of their previous lyrics and new lyrics refer to elements of British life with English slang which is sung in either a near-drunken slur or shouted vocals. Their attitude as a three piece is somewhat near comparable to provocative punk band Sex Pistols because of the chaotic and electric live performances. New single Hooligan Blues was secretly played on the sound board at the start of them night which was unknown to the crowd. It has that solid back beat and chant-like lyrics. If people don’t like their music they will, without a doubt enjoy the atmosphere created. No sight with gusts of smoke, scent of sweat and deafened, this was a classic thumbs up Get Alongs gig. A famous 50’s track Stand by Me wasn’t expected from these lads. Shane had that 50’s twang to his vocal yet turned it into his own during the end, which adds creativity to a well known soul love song.

the get along ss