Alfa 9 EP Gone To Ground.

Years and years without a sound from Alfa 9 and their music has yet again become a fresh retake. They’ve gone back to basics with beautiful harmonies; losing some elements of the dirty, heavy guitar and keyboards sound.

Gone to Ground starts with a subtle twang of classic, folk-rock – El Morocco, provides a vibrant settled nest for the evolving Alfa9 Supernova.

Seedless, the current Hype Chart number 1, is a technicolor harmonies miracle. The glistening jangling guitar riffs are evoked through speckled visualisations from the sixties and psych folk seventies.

“Spaghetti psychedelic country jangle’’ is how Leon describes their sound – he missed the rockabilly blues. Byusing the blues-derived chord in Old Man Blues, makes Alfa 9 an obvious manifestation of a multi-music-cultural mingling force.

The merging of contemporary classical fantasy driven, psychedelic melodies and rich vocal harmonies, moves Gone to Ground in an incredible amplifying pace. Alfa 9 cut their teeth with Mad Song making them responsible for gimmickry and virtuoso jamming, bringing tradition storytelling lyrics back home.

Petty Lies sticks out like a sore thumb with the gritty garage style, then, a bittersweet sixties throwback pop style. Alfa 9 in musical world is equivalent to Heston Blumenthal in cookery world – throw anything together and it comes out genius.

There’s a vein of the Stone Roses running through The Castle and it comes back with a chorus chord change that’ll set your serotonin levels soaring off.

Alfa 9 are a karma sutra of psychedelic 60’s wonders, dreaming 70’s folk and hard blues.

Lucee Clarke

alfa 9