The Road To Blissfields @ The Sugarmill 05/04/13

Road To Blissfield’s took over local venue Sugarmill with 5 distinct, virtuoso local bands with local judges from BBC, The Sentinel to Music Mania. As Clash Magazine said last year, “An enchanted weekend, more of the same next year!” well Clash Magazine with winners Delamere joining the London heats, your prediction may become true. With Mystery Jets (a personal fan) headlining it creates a picture of what type of music Blissfield’s were
looking for.

Kicking off the well organised night, was popular indie band The Ruby Dukes. With a short set of only five tracks, The Ruby Dukes, flowed smoothly into each track, tracks which showed off each style these lads can produce and succeed in. “Sugarmill your ace”. Right back at you, Zak. With the different personalities within the band the connection is shown perfectly on stage, seeing a band enjoying themselves makes the set a whole lot better.
Paper Sunset saluted the dukes as the best performance I’ve ever seen them. The
ultimate psychedelic rock outro saw Mike on the floor, Zak bouncing, Josh and Rick face to face and Ollie uncontrollable. Spot on lads.

Faux Feet, by the name, has originality hitting you right in the face let alone the alternative music. With Sian as the only female in the band, with a gifted vocals as well as eccentric, artist stage presence, Faux Feet are becoming notorious.  Not missing the melody
of the band, tinkling cymbals, gentle plucking and deep bass was noticeable in
track Battlefields.

Psychedelic maniac’s Psyence had the shortest set of 4 tracks, tracks which consist between 3-8 marvellous minutes. If the music isn’t engaging enough, Ben completes it with his amusing yet entertaining stage presence. Smoke was humming throughout their set, giving that mysterious what-will-happen- next approach to the scene. Newest track, Forbidden Fruits has a breakdown of bass riffs which captivated that enigmatic meaning to tracks. Psyence still have that mesmerizing factor about them.

Delamere put a show on to remember, hip hopeentrance, darkness, smoke and giant party poppers. They pulled out all the stops for this gig; you could really see the passion they had towards getting the Blissfield’s vote. With James having a single drum to himself as well as a full drum kit, Hearts began with a bang. Delamere have a clever talent of changing from a heavy beat to a subtle soft tone. They left the stage on a high with an immense, intriguing solo and explosion of confetti to hint to Blissfield they have confident passion to put on a festival show.

The Road to Blissfield’s, Stoke heats came to an end with rock grunge band, Troops of Mafeking. They as a four piece make alot of noise and put on an energetic performance. Track DISCO, seemed a popular one with the fans. At points in the set, drummer, Josh, had a bit too much power which led to over taking the vocals, overall his stamina is pretty impressive for the drumming technique Josh has. New track, now up for free download Chugg Berris still had those heavy influences but a lighter vocal tone than in previous tracks.

It was certainly a night full of serious competition. I, personal would like to 276667_463461680382343_2019183419_ncongratulate Delamere for grabbing that chance to compete in London with Guildford’s local band Luxe.