The Pigeon Detectives @ Sugarmill 28.14.13

I purchased my ticket weeks in advance, as straight away from the announcement I knew it was going to be a sell out. As Pigeon Detective told me, Stoke always kicks off, I trusted them and took a safe option by staying on the balcony; they were right, Stoke no doubt welcomed them again and will in future times. Supported by London band, MUST and The Black Sea.

The Black Sea began with a hard drum intro followed by killer riffs and 80s synth. From this I knew they were gonna be cool. From the pop 80’s sound to tinkling psychedelic cymbals then to rock n roll Rolling Stones-est. The Black Sea covered genres together that suit their mellow yet hard personality. To end the set the lads looked proud that they won over a sell out crowd.

MUST, put together a competition on Twitter to win tickets and it happened to be,  Neon Rouge, Joe Tomasso from the Stoke local music scene which was pretty awesome. MUST, have that typical indie rock sound with the driven beats and repetitive choruses. Harmonies in the backing vocal give a diverse approach to the brash main vocalist. The debut EP can be found here;

They need no fancy, flamboyant performance to deserve a chorus of cheers; all they need is the energy and talent. That’s right; I’m on about The Pigeon Detectives. From the first step on stage Matt was bouncing from corner to corner and edge to edge. I must say from a personally insight Pigeon Detectives don’t make the best music around but what they do, they do it exceptional well – colossal sing-along choruses and melodies that erupt the Sugarmill floor. With a jam packed set to please the night, it was full of old tracks like Take Her Back and new tracks like Animal woven together. Pigeon Detective from new to old have a trademark sound which will be damned upon them if they change, but in all fairness the maturity of this band has grown.  Salutes were thrown in the crowd along with the bottles of water; Stoke crowd must be doing something right. The buzz and excitement in Matt’s stage presence soon brushed off on the crowd hence countless bodies been carried over the barriers due to crowd surfing. It ended on a much wanted encore with I’m not Sorry of the new album ‘We Met At Sea’. The admiration from the band to the crowd made this intimate gig hard to walk away from, people just didn’t want to leave. Unquestionably the best band to see live.