Smoking Buffalo 09.05.13

Gritty, great, grimy; how does great fit in there, you ask?  Well, Smoking Buffalo have been released online and no yet in person. They prove never judge a book by its cover as they aren’t your stereotypical punk rock look band.

Close friends, Jake, Darren, Ben, Grant and Zak from Essex have 3 demos and a music video; all at a reasonable quality that sends a message. A message which reads simply- not chart topping wannabe’s.

3 demo’s Dooms Day, Weekend Millionaire and Dream Man. 3 words, aggression, dirt and distortion. Smoking Buffalo have raised the red flag and gone wild with jagged melodies and forceful beats. Punk is an expression, a mind-set, a free ability to think for yourself; Smoking Buffalo reflects this to every generation.

Speaking to Jake from the band, “the demo’s happened really quickly”. It took them 2 months for 3 tracks. Grant and Zak “came in with this fast and furious beat”, Darren and Ben “started playing some riff that fit” “I just had the simple task of putting lyrics down”. Smoking Buffalo work well as a band, if it takes them an hour for Weekend Millionaire who knows what spectacles could arise.

Influences sometimes can be too much of an inspiration. So much in fact they become a tribute band to their influence. Smoking Buffalo, smoke their own influences. Jake told me, “We did get told once that, if Oasis and the Sex Pistols were put into a Sandwich together, you would taste Smoking Buffalo”. I join Jake on not understand whether is a compliment or insult. Britpop joins anarchy punks – that would be fun to watch. Jake adds, “I imagine Johnny Rotten tasting like out of date ham”.

“We’re a proper band that plays proper instruments, properly. We write banging tunes, and we have it! We also don’t do refunds.”