Havana Affair – Don’t Go Away Single Review

Still unsure to their chosen genre ‘desert rock’, have Havana Affair made it up? Is it personally to them? What does it consists off? How does it sound?

Don’t Go Away recorded in Stafford College as a twang of The Smiths. I am rather surprised that The Smiths are nowhere to be seen in the category of influences.

The intelligent cheeky bass line point towards Michael Shuman or even Andy Nicholson. Throughout the track the bass is hard to spot; this is a shame as it could give them a tougher structure.

Bottom layer of the melody comes from the drum beat; it’s a repetitive simple beat, similar to The Libertines. They tick the boxes of a catchy track; it’s one that sticks in your head.

Lyrics are sung in a spoken manner and tell the listeners a story. There’s emotion in the lyrics somewhere I just don’t think Havana Affair have succeeded in pursuing that emotion just yet.

As it starts intelligently it ends intelligently. This time with the guitarist; the finger picking leaves us in hesitation whether or not the track is ending but that last gentle strum gives Don’t go Away the final whistle – put certainly not the final whistle for Havana Affair.


Check the single out;  https://soundcloud.com/havanaaffair-theband/dont-go-away-mp3-for-smaller

Check the Facebook page out; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Havana-Affair/183360848392967?fref=ts

By Lucee Clarke havana affair