The Good Ship London 02.08.13

Fun bus was full, drinks were brought and seat belts were on (well only the sensible ones). It was the road trip with Pickering White. The first appearance in Kilburn, London The Good Ship. Taking a good 3 hours nearly 4 to travel there everyone was buzzing, needing a fag or slightly tipsy if not plastered. Supporting Pickering White on the fun bus was mum and dad’s as usual and friends South Wall Corner Club; always great to see Stoke bands supporting each other.

5/6 o’clock came as we strolled up Kilburn Road searching for something different that wasn’t selling giant watermelons or roasted chicken. Pubs were the answers to everyone questions or the funfair for South Wall Corner Club.

The night was organised by Peace In The City, the aimed for “a night of blues heavy, guitar led excellence with touches of psychedelic, folk and country.” They certainly picked the right back to fill this agenda.

Anjana Vasan with her quirkiness started the night with excellence. An acoustic artist that sounds like she should be under the lights in a glittery gown and impressing likes such as; Jools Holland wowed The Good Ship. Influences from Johnny Cash and B.B King shows just how matured her song writing technique was. Named as The Empresses of the Blues, Bessie Smith has brushed her soulful vocal on to Anjana.

The room suddenly flooded with ‘Stokies’ as Pickering White hung up Fox Tails designed banner. Keep on Believing was a strong track to start a set with, the bluesy grooves and snippets of breakdowns got the Londoners taking notices and the ‘Stokies’ dancing. Pickering White has that clever trick as a band where they cover different genres within their songs, it’s something you don’t see often and that’s why people stayed focused upon their performances. Not going back was personally my favourite of the night; it had a rock and roll vibe from Matt’s guitar and his more powering vocal.

Well. I really wasn’t excepting to be in such company as Little Brother Eli. Ray Charles and James Brown come to mind whilst been memorized by this 5 piece. One of the greatest bands I’ve ever witnessed. Being suited and booted in such a modern dingy club laid the bed of soul, funk and blues.  Feverish front man took on the approach of the Godfather of Soul with the irresistibly danceable riffs. I do recommend to purchase their EP and check their music video out.

As if today wasn’t good enough, a rock blues girl band appear; Rouge. Deap Vally plus Haim equals their love child Rouge. Just more shoes and more people. Becky, front girl and Simone complement each other perfect with fuzzy guitar riffs and classic diva vocals. Outfits, personality, attitude was all spot on for their music. Free demos of their EP were handed out and I was lucky enough to grab one, handmade too makes it all unique.

Unfortunately due to my coach leaving at 11 I missed the headline act The High Commissioners.

Lucee Clarke P1100499