Sisteray Single Review. 13/08/13

After discovering Sisteray through my email account, that was it. There single Take It Away featured on Radicals Rising and now it going to feature on here- Music Matters To Us

Sisteray will be releasing their double A-sider ‘Take It Away/ Happy Endings’ on 26th August.

At the current moment, there’s this mod revival and 60s atmosphere spreading. SisterRay have caught it in the musical net and captured it faultlessly.

These are described as a crowd pleaser, it only means one thing. They are totally worth watching live if there near you.

Take It Away is the heavier side to the single. Bold riffs and the scratching melody is definitely the crackle to their catchiness. The brash incisive elements of the track make it infectious throughout the body. With the London twang in vocals gives it that indie boy band touch. The craziness outro makes the ‘crowd pleaser’ name even more believable.

Happy Endings the double a-sider has the mod culture popping up now and again in the melody, The Who with hints of The Courteeners. It has a snappy feel that is contagious. Vocals are similar to those of The Jam, sparkling and sharp.

To catch Sisteray next is their single launch;

August 28th  @ Latest Music Bar, Brighton (OFFICIAL LAUNCH)


Lucee Clarke sisterayy