The Get Alongs Headline @ Sugarmill 06/09/13

The Gets Alongs were back for a mighty headline along with feisty rock band Kadence, indie lads Scarlet Voyeur and new on the scene The Personas.

For quite some time within Stoke-on-Trent the indie scene has been on a colossal high. To push it even further ahead is young fresh band The Personas. “The persona also serves to claim a right or to draw attention to a certain subject” all four drew my attention immediately as I thought, ‘Oh no, another Arctic Monkeys tribute band’, however as the set matured so did their sound. The young lads are going to love Arctic Monkeys right now with AM being released, nevertheless there is something about The Personas which has a sense of originality within their self written tracks. For the first gig a firm fan base was clearly marked on the Sugarmill floor, as well as, Shane from The Get Alongs being a fan. With the cheeky attitude, bouncy melody and a strong approach on vocal rhythm The Personas are sure to watch again.
Scarlett Voyeur returns to the Sugarmill with oldies and new tracks. Tell Tale Town with that popular melody everyone’s knows kicks the set off. The stage presence of front man Adam has boosted confidence since seeing them last. Scarlett Voyeur have been working on new material, it’s a lot different and a lot better than previous material. It’s more like matured Arctic Monkeys/Miles Kane rather than Oasis/ Noel Gallagher.Having each band member into a different genre of music makes them together more original. Last track, unfortunately I didn’t catch the name, caught my attention despite having lyrics written on the floor. Melody-wise it had a solid structure much like The Strokes with that post punk revival genre name to it.

Stripped down to a three piece, Kadence still perform as loud as they can. Bass was taken on by front man and the harmonies worked well with guitarist. Hardcore rock and roll was swimming around the Sugarmill as Kadence got everyone hyped up. Screams, dynamic riffs and incredible energy as per from the drummer made this performance the best one from them yet. Without the notable clash and honouree stand from drummer Greg, Kadence wouldn’t be Kadence without him. Elements of a rock band are all conveyed; the attitude, the enthusiasm and the actually music. EP track Cocaine Showers and On the Run saw Kadence off. Lighters in the air and steam of sweat floating.

Headliners of the night The Get Alongs strut on stage to a reggae bouncing beat, so before they even start the crowd are wild with frantic screams and howls – what do you expect from a Get Alongs entrance? The set was a mash up of oldies and newly written tracks. Oldies such as; Strife for Life, I’d Rather Listen to The Smiths and Jane Likes Photos, they all have the unruly reception and enjoyment from the crowd. Harmonies along the combined elements of day-to-day imagery and political commentary into their often anthem music is what The Get Alongs are known for and they smash it every gig. Despite the bass blowing up they humorously entertain the crowd with a newly drunken song, The Smell of Chips Make My Willy Hard. With reckless attitudes and reckless riffs the new tracks are looking exciting.


Lucee Clarke 1006298_661000527261818_1647433531_n