Darlia @ Sugarmill 23/09/13

With this gig being called the second best gig to attend in NME magazine, it was one not to miss. That day Darlia had been played twice on BBC Radio 1 so without even stepping in into the gig they were already buzzing.

Opening the night, cramped on the Sugarmill stage was, No Love Lost. They seemed to have a lively crowd in front of them. The indie visual style took apart in their music too, influences from Oasis, Stone Roses and The Smiths. Covering an Oasis track personally gets everyone watching and paying attention making them gather more fans. Front man’s attitude wasn’t appealing to watch however other members created the energy to the set. The original tracks with vibrant thrashing riffs and energy the drums had potential.

A performance which took the Sugarmill by surprise; Sound Casino, they are still raising eyebrows. A month after, ‘Metropolis’ EP, the tracks still have the fresh and mature quality. From Sound Casino last year to Sound Casino present, the difference is unimaginable. Sound, attitude and image. The set was performed in a structured and intelligent way. It gives the working class crowd something to relate with, it gives a deep mature feeling to the whole gig. Persistent guitars, an authentic edge to the drums and a distinctive, outstanding vocal to all new tracks made this set, one of the best live performances seen. It’s goodbye to the delicate talent of Sound Casino till 2014.

Darlia, who, was in NME for being the second best gig of the week, shockingly only played a 15 minute set. Blackpool three piece, had a brash stage presence, bleached hair, wild movements and genuine hard-hitting melodies. Darlia gives away a type of 90’s grunge American appeal which is currently becoming popular.  Queen of Hearts, recently played on Radio 1’s Zane Lowe and Fearne Cotton. It’s an up and coming track that is ‘bloody brillant’ as I quote. Tour dates are now so jump on before they disappear into the mainstream world of music.

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